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Our architects Peter & Rainer

We would like to thank our two architects Peter Marugg (right) and his partner Rainer Stoeckli (left). They designed our hotel very nicely designed and business-efficient. Exquisite materials and modern technology have been linked by the architects with a strong, modern architecture. For you, the materials were carefully chosen to create a warm, comfortable climate. Without overflowing "Flourishes" or even "Kitsch".


Three woods, spruce, larch and oak, all woods growing in Switzerland, have been deliberately chosen. The spruce, a light wood, was used for the room construction on the upper and top floor. The special spruce properties, such as lightness and strength, form a perfect foundation for stable yet "lightweight" construction. In addition, the breathing activity of a timber construction is much better than in a concrete or brick building. So you feel in the rooms very well and it smells good. The larch, a very weather-resistant wood, was chosen as a façade. The façade, which has been discolored by the years, is thus given its own natural swab in every direction of the sky. The darkest and warmest wood, the oak, was placed in parquet on the rooms, as well as in the massage room. This completes the ambience and gives the rooms a little more warmth. Not to be forgotten is the restaurant's 60-year-old restaurant, the breakfast buffet, the standing bar and the reception.


The use of natural stone was very important as this is a product of local production. The Valser Naturstein, which is carefully removed by the Truffer AG not far from the hotel Steinbock location, the whole hotel in various areas. He came as floor plates in the restaurant and its WCs, in the passage from UG to EG as well as in the reception to the employment. Also in the wet rooms of the rooms was the Valser natural stone laid. Polished shelves in the restaurant and in the reception show the stone in its noble style. However, the most impressive effect is the stone as facade cladding on the staircase. Consciously processed with visual gaps, it defies any weather and looks even more beautiful in the rain than in the dry.


The restaurant should leave a unique impression. Homely as at home, but with a view of the village as it is only here. This allowed large glass fronts on the north and east sides, so that the village is almost at your feet.